Life and Hope for Kenyans Living with HIV and AIDS

Upendo Village is a project designed by Kenyans to respond at the local level to the needs of Kenyans living
with HIV/AIDS.  Clients are surrounded with loving care, and are given resources and access to programs
that improve health, restore self-respect, and give hope.

Upendo means "love" in the Kiswahili language, and adding the word "Village” signifies the importance
of a global response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Many of Upendo Village's orphans, some of whom are trying to survive in the streets, are in need of placement. After children are placed, Upendo Village offers continued support and resources necessary for maintaining their health and their formal education so that they can grow to become strong, independent individuals and contributors to their communities.
Families come to Upendo Village for various reasons that benefit them. One benefit to our clients is that they leave
​with food to carry home to their families. 

Income Generating
IGA's  are crucial for promoting initiative, responsibility and self-sustenance. All these projects are geared towards sustainable development for persons living with HIV and AIDS, most of whom have
​been languishing in poverty and disease.

Upendo Village's clinic addresses clients' urgent medical needs, including onsite medical care that provides nursing care, lab work, and access to prescription drugs and antiretroviral medications, and nursing care - treatment of opportunistic infections, skin rashes, malaria and other complications related to AIDS. Clients receive onsite care for urgent medical needs and referrals as indicated.